Administration Disputes

Dealing with the loss or incapacity of a loved one is emotional and difficult. The last thing you want to be burdened with is disagreements among surviving family members while you are trying to resolve and settle your deceased loved one’s financial affairs.

Estate disputes typically arise either when the executor or administrator of the estate is acting improperly – sometimes that means taking money or property for himself or herself, refusing to provide important information, or showing favoritism toward one or more beneficiaries. Disputes can also arise when a beneficiary or third party is refusing to deliver estate property or money to the executor or administrator, or they otherwise make the executor or administrator’s job unreasonably difficult to complete.
Even in undisputed estates, complex issues arise: assets are difficult to identify or sell, unexpected debts surface, and/or impatient beneficiaries demand premature distributions. If you need counsel, we are experienced in estate disputes and estate administrations and would be glad to talk with you to see how we can help you navigate the complex process of estate litigation and administration.